About us

Welcome to AREA, a legacy in the world of jewelry since the 1940s. Our story is steeped in tradition, innovation, and a commitment to ethical excellence.

Founded by one of the pioneers of the Israeli diamond exchange, we have been at the forefront of the diamond industry for generations. Our roots run deep, and our commitment to ethical practices remains unwavering.

At AREA, we understand the importance of responsible sourcing. That's why we've chosen to work exclusively with lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds not only exude the same brilliance and beauty as their natural counterparts but also align with our values of sustainability and ethics.

Our passion for innovative, ethical design shines through in every piece we create. We believe that jewelry should not only be a symbol of beauty but also a reflection of conscious choices. That's why our designs blend timeless elegance with a modern conscience.

When you choose AREA, you're not just choosing exquisite jewelry; you're supporting a legacy of integrity and innovation. Join us on this journey, where tradition meets the future, and together, we create jewelry that tells a story of ethics, innovation, and timeless beauty.